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5 Ideas For Your Trip To The USA

The sheer length and breadth of the United States of America can never be covered in just one trip across this amazing country. But if you plan it right, you can have the best vacation of your life.

24 Car Rental provides you with a variety of cars to choose for a self-driven journey that involves exploring the most magical spots in the US. To start you easy, the following are some great ideas for your trip across this country of dreams.

1.The Historical Northeast

You can start your road trip in Boston where you can attend the world famous tea party which was the inception point of the American Revolution. With a pit stop at the great city of New York, you can move on to the next destination of Philadelphia while making stopovers in various notable spots like the Liberty Bell.

While at it, you simply cannot miss Gettysburg, the place where civil war witnessed its bloodiest battle. It is also known for the famous address by Abraham Lincoln. Last stop should be the Washington DC, capital of the USA and home to the biggest historical museums in the country.

2.Western Natural beauty

Another great idea would be to go the western part of the country with the first stop being at the great national parks of Wyoming: Grand-Teton which is famous for the pinnacles and the Yellowstone. Take time and marvel at a park adored for it bears, geysers and brimstone. To the southwest lies the Monument Valley, boasting the classic western landscape.

You can never get enough of the Grand Canyon that’s located in Nevada which is further west. End the overwhelming road trip should easily get you to the great state of California. If you are a hiking lover, then you 2ill find the Yosemite National-Park worth a stopover.

3.Breathtaking Florida

Home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world, Florida is definitely a state that should be on top of your bucket list. The state boasts of Clearwater beach that is just heavenly, with awesome seaside restaurants as well as cafes and beachfront bars.

The theme parks of Orlando (Sea World, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World-Resort, etc) provide an out-of-this-world experience and all the entertainment you desire. Florida is also famous for golf courses where you can try your hands on the great sport. Other attractions such as Pier 60, Busch Gardens, to mention but a few.

4.The Musical Journey

Exploring a wide variety of music genres from jazz to blues and country to rock is just a mind-blowing experience. San Francisco is famous for its hippie heritage where music literally runs in the veins of its inhabitants.

You can have the real taste of rock music in Cleveland which hosts the Rock-&-Roll Hall-of-Fame or Seattle, the home of the rock legend Kurt Cobain. Or if you wish, you could go to New Orleans for the love of Traditional Jazz, or Memphis to experience Elvis Presley’s Graceland-Mansion and a lot of blues.

5.The Rugged Arizona & New Mexico

This region is known for its ruggedness with the scenery filled with cactus and stones. These states are made for self-driven road trips with a mix of deserts, scenic mountains, and forests.

You can learn how the ancient tribe of Puebloan lived in their historic cliff dwellings. There are many old mining towns to explore with Spanish heritage like Santa Fe.

American road trips have been a dream for many around the world. With the above ideas you can have your favorite holiday and 24 Car Rental is dedicated to providing you with best of services.

Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Hollywood

There’s nothing better than staying at a fancy hotel with a beautify pool, relaxing spa, gourmet dining and magnificent rooms. Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend getaway with your partner or looking to unwind with your family, this list of the top 5 luxury hotels in Hollywood will make your holiday more exiting. To make that vacation even more fun, just book a car with the 24 hour car rental services and travel around with absolute comfort and ease.

1.Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

With lush interiors, and luxurious suits, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel doesn’t fail to impress its visitors. Their trendy, comfortable and spacious cabana rooms are pool facing. If you’re looking to stay at the heart of Hollywood, this hotel is just perfect for you with its proximity to Los Angeles International Airport. Bob Hope, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are also not far from its location.

2.Chateau Marmont

Designed to look like a castle, this decadent hotel screams luxury. With its charming outdoor pool and refreshing greenery on all sides, this dreamy hotel is relaxing and has a homely atmosphere with the staff always at your service when you need something.

3.Sunset Tower Hotel

The spectacular roof-top pool with breath taking views at Sunset Tower Hotel is to die for. It also offers pool side dining and serves delicious food from the California cuisine with a touch of French and Italian tastes in it. The hotel also has a great spa that you should take advantage of during your stay there.

4.The London West Hotel

Although a little pricey, this hotel doesn’t disappoint its costumers with its amazing cocktail bar and outdoor dining that offer a unique dining experience by serving European-style continental buffet. You can even rent a Cabana at the pool side that has a minibar. The location of the hotel is perfect if you are looking for some great shopping centres and good nightlife.

5.The Jeremy Hotel West Hollywood

This hotel is situated close to Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. The Hollywood Bowl, Dolby Theatre is also not very far from its location. The customer service at the hotel score a 5/5. It has a beautiful outdoor pool and well equipped rooms that are extremely comfortable.


If you’re planning a visit to Hollywood, this list of top hotels will help you. To get around hassle free, use the 24 hour car rental services and drive comfortably.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel In The USA?

Do you have a dream of traveling and discovering the USA? This article will give you an insight into how much it costs to travel to the USA. Travelling will involve using a vehicle, and so if you cannot afford your own or if you don’t want to use yours for any reason, you can find a 24 hour car rental.

Levels of travel

Level 1: The car and Motel option

This option best suits you if you would like to travel by car and spend time in various motels across the states. You will have to pay for a room every night. Although it might be more expensive compared to other options, you’ll find that in every state there are cheap motels that are clean and comfortable.

Level 2: The motorhome, RV, or Truck and Camper option

This level would be most interesting if you love open roads, but you like to be self-sufficient in your things. It will also be your best option if you are planning to bring your pets to the ride. Why? Because with your camper or RV, you’ll be able to walk your pets around before leaving them in the comfort of their traveling home. You can make most of your own food choices, saving on food costs. Also, the comfort and convenience of sleeping in your bed will reduce the cost of lodging.

Level 3: Boondock camping in a camper van or a small RV

This is ideal for individuals who want to travel for an extended period, perhaps a month or two. It is also suitable for self-sufficient folks. You can set up your rig to serve you in mealtime, electricity, bathing, and enjoying life on a budget. This travel option is extremely cheap or even free in some cases.

Whichever option you may choose, some factors influence the cost of all your traveling expenses. They include the following:

Food costs – ranges from $5 – $10 at a fast food restaurant, $15 – $25 at a reasonable restaurant, and $50+ at a nice restaurant, all per person per meal

Accommodation costs – ranges from $40 – $80 per night for two people for a private room in a budget hotel or motel, $100 – $200 per night for two people for a private room, and $300+ is your starting point

Transport costs – $200 per week for a budget car comfortably for two people and luggage, $250 – $300 for a mid-range car fitting four people and luggage, and $350 – $500 for a high-end vehicle such as a convertible, and large SUV

Sight-seeing costs – this depends on you, but a good suggestion could be in the region of $10 – $30 per person per day for sight-seeing.

It is upon you to put effort into researching your excursions, stopovers, meals, and all other planning. You can opt for a 24 hour car rental and get everything you need on a tight budget every time you chose to wander in the USA.